Alpha Sigma Rho (AΣΡ)

1927 - 1928: 2141 Chew Street

Alpha Sigma Rho was started at Muhlenberg as a local social club in 1927, though it only survived one year on record, disbanding in the fall of 1928. The organization did have a house at 2141 Chew Street for its short tenure, and was described as the following in The Muhlenberg Weekly:

“The Alpha Sigma Rho Fraternity announces the opening of their new home at 2141 Chew Street. The house, a handsome three-story structure, is equipped with every facility of modern housekeeping. The first floor is composed of a spacious lounge, a finely appointed dining room, and a kitchen replete with all the aids to the culinary art. On the second story are found the commodious study rooms, guest chambers, and a tile bath and shower. The dormitories occupy the major portion of the third floor.”