2309 Turner Street - TKE (1965, Rehearsal House, 2010)

1965 - 2003: Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE)

This house, located on Turner Street overlooking Lake Muhlenberg, was built in 1965 for Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE).

The 1965 Ciarla described the house as such: "The youngest fraternity of Muhlenberg campus has finally outgrown its shell, the “white elephant,” and moved into a new abode just above and overlooking the duck-filled Muhlenberg cistern. The house has facilities for thirty men and a house mother and will hereafter serve to bring together the somewhat scattered brotherhood. Tau Kappa Epsilon will also find it somewhat easier and more convenient to give parties, for as any TKE brother knows, the basement stairs were difficult to navigate after a good time in the cellar of the white elephant.”

Members of TKE resided continuously in this house from 1965 until 2003 when the fraternity was suspended for a “culture of dangerous and anti-social incidents in the house.” In 2010, the house was renovated into the present-day Rehearsal House.