Delta Theta (ΔΘ)

  1. ca. 1918 - 1924: 731 Turner Street
  2. 1924 - 1932: 933 N. Ott Street
  3. Aug 17, 1932 - 1940: 2211 Gordon Street

The local frat of Delta Theta was founded at Muhlenberg in 1898 by members of the dwindling Phi Gamma Delta fraternity (Epsilon Deuteron chapter, 1867-1904). With a total membership of 500 by 1932 and a 40 year history, it was thought to be one of the oldest and strongest local fraternities in the country, surviving both World Wars and the Depression (Morning Call, 1932-08-14, p. 2). 

Its first house on record was located at 731 Turner Street. From 1924 until 1932, Delta Theta lived in a large house at 933 N. Ott Street. During this time, the house, built in 1918, overlooked College Heights from a steep hill in Allentown's West End, and though it still stands today, the neighborhood surrounding it has since been further developed. In 1940, the house was turned into a Montessori School by Ada V. Wright who had been teaching since 1915. (Visit this Morning Call article for a thorough history on the former occupants of this house).

In August of 1932, Delta Theta moved into its final home at 2211 Gordon Street, which had room to board 16 men and provide meals for them as well (Morning Call, 1932-08-14, p. 2). A formal opening party was held at the house on August 17, 1932 for brothers, alumni, and other College dignitaries. In 1939, Delta Theta merged with the newly formed Lambda Chi Alpha.