Phi Epsilon (ΦΕ) / Theta Kappa Nu (ΘΚΝ)

  1. 1923 - 1926: 17 N. Madison St
  2. 1927 - 1928: 2014 Chew Street
  3. 1929 - 1938: 2215 Gordon Street

Phi Epsilon was officially created as a local fraternity by the College in 1922 from a group of students formerly known as the “Aztecs.” The group purchased a house at 17 N. Madison Street in 1923. Prior to living at this address, the Aztecs had occupied two other houses in downtown Allentown, though the addresses are unknown. In 1927, Phi Epsilon purchased a new house at 2014 Chew Street. According to The Muhlenberg Weekly, this new property was a “three-story brick structure, with rooms well adapted to the requirements of fraternity life. Sufficient space [was] available to take care of sixteen men, appreciable advance over that possible at the former home.” (Phi Epsilon’s house picture is noted incorrectly in multiple Ciarlas as the Gabriel House on campus).

Phi Epsilon moved into a new house at 2215 Gordon Street in 1929. In 1931, Phi Epsilon became an official chapter of the national Theta Kappa Nu Fraternity, active at Muhlenberg as the Pennsylvania Epsilon chapter until 1938, at which time this chapter became one of a few campus organizations to merge into Lambda Chi Alpha.